5 Roofing Trends To Consider in 2020

Considering that your roof plays such an important role in your home and accounts for up to 50 percent or more of its curb appeal, it is no wonder that homeowners are always looking for ways to make theirs stand out and make a statement. “Your roof can not only protect your home, but it … Read more

Schedule With a Premier Roof Repair Contractor

Schedule With a Premier Cherry Hill Roof Repair Contractor Choosing the right Cherry Hill Roofing Contractor to install or repair your roof is the most important step when you have to make a repair or replace your old roof. Why? Well, for starters, there is an old saying, “The most important day in the life of your … Read more

3 Fall Roofing Maintenance Tips For Your Home

It is that season when the climate begins to get slightly cooler, the leaves are changing in the Kittatinny Mountains and New Jersey Highlands, and you realize that winter weather is not too far off. It is likewise a season when you ought to do some maintenance on your home to avoid damage and renovations … Read more

Does Your Roof Have Wind Damage?

A lot of homeowners only associate storm damage to their roof as something like a tree falling on it, or hail damage. But, heavy winds can create stress spots that can shorten the life of the roofing materials. While a roof is designed to withstand typical wind loads, they can be incrementally destroyed over time … Read more

Signs to Schedule a Roofing Inspection

As a Cherry Hill roofer, part of our job is to inform homeowners about the importance of a healthy functioning roof is and how it- correlates to the safety of your family and home. This is why so many professional contractors trust GAF materials. More homes and businesses have the protection and dependability of a GAF … Read more

The GAF Lifetime Roofing System

Not all roofing systems are equal. The GAF Lifetime Roofing System is designed to provide lasting comfort, beauty, and protection for years to come. When you hire a Cherry Hill Roofing Contractor that is factory-certified by GAF, you know you are getting the best quality installation for your money. Here is a breakdown of the different components … Read more

Popular Roofing Materials

If you are considering replacing your aging or damaged roof then you are probably considering what kind of roof to invest in. With so many options and different price points, it can seem a bit baffling. As a Cherry Hill Roofer we think it is best to get familiarized with the different roofing systems that are available. … Read more

Home Inspection Tips

If you are similar to the 70% of American homeowners that see their home as their greatest asset, maintaining proper upkeep is probably a significant priority. Staying on top of repairs and making wise improvements are both solid ways to improve the value of your home over time. Here is a list of 5 areas Cherry … Read more

Can a New Roof Eventually Save You Money?

As with all home improvement projects, a homeowner should see a new roof from an investment perspective. They typically cost $10,000 or more so it’s viewed as one of the more expensive renovations, but an Evesham Roofing expert knows there are many ways that it can actually put money back into your wallet. A New Roof Improves … Read more