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Low-Slope And Flat Roofing Maintenance Tips

A low-slope flat roof needs special maintenance operations from a certified and licensed Cherry Hill roof repair pro to stay in good condition for as long as achievable, performing its role to defend the building from mother-nature. Routine maintenance assures that there are no weak areas and problems that could intensify into an all-out catastrophe. It is not a huge cost for peace of mind, and some Cherry Hill roofing pros offer them for free. but it will help you save meaningful amounts of money for damage repairs or for an unanticipated replacement of the entire roofing system.

Here is a short guide on how to preserve a flat roof.

  1. Make a legitimate maintenance schedule and adhere to it. In order to be effective, maintenance has to be recurrent. Ideally, a flat roof should be inspected and maintained every six months, or whenever a critical weather incident happens.
  2. Always phone a reliable Cherry Hill roofer to inspect the membrane of your flat roof. Even if you would rather take care of some maintenance tasks on your own such as cleaning the roof, the examination and repairs should only be done by a licensed and certified contractor who is trained to detect any potential issues and devise the most suitable course of action to repair them.
  3. A flat roof should be cleaned regularly. Because it is flat, branches, leaves, and debris often accumulate on it and obstruct the roof's drainage system. This must be avoided at all costs! Drains on a flat roof should also be inspected during the six-month maintenance examination with your Cherry Hill roofing contractor and unclogged if needed.
  4. The encompassing trees must be pruned so that there is no chance of branches crashing onto the roof throughout a heavy storm.


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January 7, 2020
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