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Does Your Roof Need a Cherry Hill Roof Repair Contractor?

Basic problems to a roofing system can grow much more serious when freezing and thawing continuously happens during the wintertime. Despite the risk level increasingfor a Cherry Hill Roof Repair professional to make renovations in the winter, pausing until spring can further make the prevailing problems worse. Scheduling a roof inspection is invariably your best chance for a worry-free winter season.

Condensation in the Attic

Condensation is the result of warm air meeting with a cold surface. If your attic doesn't have a sufficient quantity of insulation it is much more prone to condensation production that can cause mold and mildew, and decrease the structural strength of your home. "The correct amount of attic ventilation and insulative R-value for your geographic location will help deter condensation from forming", says a Cherry Hill Roofing contractor.

Attic ventilation is also anotherrelated element to sustaining a healthy roof that gets frequently neglected. Many people fail to recognize that a disturbance to your attic's ventilation can injure and diminish the life of your roof. A few problems that can arise from poor attic ventilation are attic moisture, ice-damming, and increased energy expenses.

Tree Branches

Many people love big, beautifultrees, however, they can also produce serious damages to your home. Branches that hover above your roof can easily break when they are covered with a lot of heavy ice and snow. This can not only cause direct damage from impact butalso erodethe protective coating away from your shingles. Heavy branches that fall directly on your roof can create devastating problems. We advisethat you maintain a 10ft barrier between your home, roof, and ALL tree limbs.

Pre-Existing Roof Damage

If extreme weather has damaged your home and youstill haven't had a Cherry Hill Roofer make an inspection it could become much worse the longer you wait. Shifting temperatures, ice, and snow can ALL generate leaks, mold, and structural weakness so don't wait another day!

Call Goralski Roofing today at (856) 829-7266 to schedule an Inspection!

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January 29, 2019
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