Tips for Mount Laurel Roofing: Know When to Repair or Replace Your Roof

Unfortunately, not everyone can do frequent roof inspections as a Mount Laurel roofing contractor would. This is a challenge because routine inspections might help avoid pricey roof repairs. If performing routine inspections is just not feasible, you should keep a lookout for a few indicators instead. Let Goralski Roofing, your local Mount Laurel roofer, provide you with the top warning signs:

Standard Lifespan

A thorough preventative maintenance examination is advised if your home roof is more than 10 years old and it’s been years since its last inspection. Although there may not be any evident symptoms, routine maintenance is often less expensive than a complete roof replacement.

Worn Shingles

Mount Larel roofing repair and replacement services

When cleaning out your gutters, look for more than just yard waste. It’s not always a problem if there are a few stray asphalt grains. However, if you see a lot of granules accumulating in your gutters or being carried away in the downspouts, it may be a sign that your shingles are aging and are about to lose their effectiveness.

Shingle Damage

Rather than climbing up on your roof, a simple visual examination with binoculars from the ground might identify any problems with your shingles, including cracks, hail damage, blisters, or whole missing tiles. Watch out for shingles that have raised or curled corners since they are more likely to be torn off by powerful winds. Spots that are discolored may indicate the presence of moss, fungi, or other vegetation.

Exterior Paint Failures

If you see blistering or peeling paint, there may be moisture trapped within the home as a result of high indoor humidity or extreme interior temperatures. Water entering into the paint is a close second to poor attic ventilation, which is often considered to be the reason.

Ceiling Leaks

Water stains on the walls or ceiling indicate a leak, which is generally brought on by roof penetrations. Since the source may be hard to find because the water doesn’t always drop straight downward, local Mount Laurel roof repair professionals should take care of it as soon as possible. Mold development increases over time, causing nasal stuffiness and severe allergic responses.

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Remember to check to see whether the materials are still covered by a warranty before getting in touch with your Mount Laurel roofing contractor for repairs. Even better, enroll in one of our preventative maintenance plans and leave the rest to us. For reliable roof repairs and associated services, go no further than Goralski Roofing. To begin, give us a call at (856) 829-7266. Your response is eagerly awaited.