Evesham Roofing Contractor: The Importance of a Drip Edge

“When it comes to roofing, people frequently ignore the necessity of drip edges,” explains an Evesham roofing contractor. Though drip margins are a popular feature on homes in certain locations of the United States, they are less prevalent in areas where storms are not frequent or severe. Furthermore, drip-edges are occasionally left out of a project to save money.

In the short term, skipping the drip edge on your roof may save you money, but in the long run, it can result in costly damage that will be difficult to repair. It’s crucial for you to understand how and why a drip edge is employed as a homeowner. Here are some typical drip edge inquiries and answers to be aware of:

What Exactly Is a Drip Edge?

A drip edge is a non-staining and non-corroding substance that is put to the edge of a roof to allow water to filter out of the roof system. In other terms, it refers to the metal flashing that runs around the edge of a roof. A drip edge is fitted with an intended tilt to guide water away from a roof while ensuring that the base of your roof is not prematurely exhausted by holes or cracks.

Where Should Drip Edges Be Positioned?

Installing a roof drip edge correctly involves placing it exactly between the wood decking and the fascia board, allowing for drainage between the two. As a consequence, the drainage increases water flow while also protecting the roof from water damage.

Why Is a Drip Edge Necessary?

Drip edges not only assist to maintain the aesthetic of your roof but also protect your property from any harm. Some of its advantages are as follows:

  • Assists the gutters in moving water away from the home and its foundation.
  • Protects the underlying roofing against damage during the winter months, such as ice and snow damage, which might lead to rotting.
  • Water is pushed away from the fascia, reducing the chance of it degrading over time.
  • Insects and other tiny pests are discouraged from entering the area between the fascia board and a deck at the foot of the roof, which would otherwise allow pests to enter a home or attic.
  • Protects vulnerable areas from bug and pest invasion.
  • During rainstorms, protects the edge of a deck from water.
  • Defends the roof from high wind gusts and wind-blown rain.
  • Increases the life and efficiency of the roof shingles and the roofing system as a whole.
  • Protects the shingles against water damage, which would otherwise cause the roof, deck, and fascia board to deteriorate over time.
  • Protects the primary wood and improves water-shedding performance.
  • Protects against the emergence of deck and fascia board shifting.

Turn to a Trustworthy Evesham Roofing Contractor

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