Mount Laurel Roofer: Ice Dam Prevention

“While we have no control over the weather, we do have influence over what it does to our roofs”, says a Mount Laurel roofer. Winter is a particularly hard season for our home because heavy snow and ice may damage the roofing materials. Even other parts of your home can be damaged too if necessary safeguards are not taken.

How Ice Dams Form

Ice dams form on roofs when melting snow slides down it during the day and re-freezes at the eaves at night. Ice eventually accumulates along the rooftop, preventing water from draining correctly. Each thaw freeze cycle can damage gutters, shingles, wood decking, ceilings, and walls.

It occurs more commonly on sloped roofs and, of course, in colder areas. Snow is always a possibility in New Jersey, and ice dams may be an issue. However, there are several things you can do to eliminate the hazard.

Keeping your roof warm (despite sounding like a good idea) will not prevent an ice dam from forming. The easiest strategy to counteract the problem is to keep your roof at a consistently cool temperature. Proper ventilation and attic insulation are both important preventive strategies. They both maintain a cold roof temperature, allowing snow to melt at its own rate and in a regulated manner.

When the temperature fluctuates during the winter, use a rake or brush to clear snow from your roof. Never tread on your rooftop, especially during winter. But using a broom to remove snow from the roof will help reduce ice jams.

Roofs aren’t something that we can control very much. However, when we buy a new roof, we should think about products like metal that lets snow slide off easily. Installing a membrane beneath your shingles to protect the underside of your roof from leaks is also a good choice. This will help keep your roof looking good for years to come.

Choose a Reliable Mount Laurel Roofer

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