3 Mount Laurel Winter Roofing Tips

3 Mount Laurel Winter Roofing Tips

A roof is designed to endure a lot, but over time, things like the weather and lack of proper maintenance can cause a roof to fail early. When problems are caught early and repaired, it can save a homeowner a lot of money. The best thing you can do for the overall safety of your home is to at least one inspection from a local roofing contractor each year. The weather in New Jersey is hard on your roof, and your local Mount Laurel roofer knows the dangers that ice and snow put on it and today we are going to discuss a few of them with you.

Ice Dam Formation

If your attic is not allowing the proper amount of warm air out and letting the right amount of cool air in, ice dams will form at the edges of your roof and gutters. You may have seen these before on a home or even your own. While they are pretty to look at, they can cause major damage to a home. Be sure that your attic is breathing properly to stop ice damming.

Clogged or Broken Gutters

When a gutter is filled up with heavy wet debris, it also increases the chance of ice dam formation. When outside air temperatures remain below freezing, your gutters that are in the shade will not melt, while the other parts that are in the sun will melt. Since the sun is lower in the southern sky during the winter, this leaves the areas of your home that are northern facing more vulnerable to snow and ice. Ice dams can be very heavy, causing them to tear entire sections of the gutter and sometimes even the fascia board away from a home.

Changing Temperatures

The freeze and thaw process can be extremely hard on an aging asphalt shingle roof. Expansion and contraction of moisture can cause excessive deterioration of a shingle that is already in distress and has any cracks or indentations from hail damage or any other strike of force by say, a falling tree branch. A Mount Laurel roof repair can make sure that your roof is ready for the next big storm.