Storm Damage Basics with a Cherry Hill Roofer

Has your roof been damaged by a storm? If so, we recommend you not delay! Doing so can generate even more damages and money out of your pocket. Many homeowners fail to realize how important their roofing system and its components are, and neglect to maintain them properly. A Cherry Hill Roof Repair specialist knows that problems can come in many ways but the most common result of wind and water.


Fierce winds can blow roofing materials right off a home, and not just shingles. Felt, underlayment, and even the sheathing can be harmed when the winds become strong enough. Falling limbs from trees near or above a roof pose a serious threat in the event of a storm and should be trimmed back for safety precautions. Having your roof inspected by a Cherry Hill Roofer is extremely important after a major storm to ensure there is no residual damage left behind from the wind.


A gutter system, downspouts, and eaves can be destroyed when substantial rains and roof-runoff become stronger than your gutters can manage. The extra water puts an increased amount of stress on the flashing, which is the material that is used to seal joints and stop moisture from entering and creating damage.

Often times homeowners don’t notice the small details and potential risks even when they are able to get on top their roof to visually evaluate what’s going on. Trust your investment with a reliable Cherry Hill Roofing company, call us today at (856) 829-7266 for an estimate.