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New Technology in Roof Insulation

Now more than any other time in history is the time to take a good look at your homes insulation, due to recent technological developments in insulation technology. If your home in the U.S. was built before the 1970s then there is a good chance that no insulation was installed in it when it was built. This is because insulation wasn't even required as part of the standard building code until the early seventies.

Now, using polyurethane foam insulation technology, you can actually insulate the roof of your home and stop the heat from entering the attic space where it can stay for up to twenty-four hours or more. Polyurethane foam is applied to the actual surface of the roof before the roof is tiled or roofed over, so it not only insulates your home but it also protects your home from leaks and water damage, such as dry rot.

Because it is rigid and durable it lasts the lifetime of your home and will never settle, like other insulation products tend to do. If you are worried about your roof looking different from any other roof in any way, you don't have to, because your roof will look no different then any other roof in the neighborhood. For commercial and industrial buildings that have limited or no attic space to insulate, polyurethane foam is a life saver and can make a working area that has had heating or cooling problems in the past far more pleasant to work in.

Mobile and modular homes have always been known for being hot in the summer, especially if they are located in direct sunlight. Now with polyurethane foam insulation another R19 can be added to the roof with just three inches of foam that is both durable and attractive. Why throw your hard earned money away on electric and gas bills when all that you really need, is to have the insulation upgraded on your home.

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