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The Importance of Roof Inspections

When people are buying a home, especially first time home buyers, they often get caught up in an overwhelming whirlwind of emotion and in the excitement of anticipation of home ownership often overlook the need for property inspection. It costs a couple hundred dollars to get a professional property inspection but it may well be worth the money. An intelligent way to write a purchase offer is with a clause that says: This offer subject to professional property inspection acceptable to buyer

We know that most people who read this advice will not act on it. So . . . Here'sa good tip . . .

Write all your offers on home with the following clause:

This offer subject to roof inspection acceptable to buyer

Besides the foundation, The roof is one of the most expensive repair jobs a home may require and the roof is often the most overlooked part of a home, especially important on older existing housing. But the key to a roof inspection is they can be free! How you ask? Simple, write your offer as indicated above and then call three (3) roofing companies and ask them if they do free roof inspections. Most companies will because their competitors will and in order to get business, they will check out your roof for free. If you have difficulty with a roofing company, try a few more. You see, when a roofing company comes out to the house they are looking for problems because roofing problems make them money.

You dont have to tell them you are contemplating buying the home although it would not necessarily hurt your cause if you did. The other option is that you get on a tall ladder, climb on the roof yourself and check it out (risking a possible fall, possible extensive injury or death). It is safer to use the roofing company, right?

In the event that your area is unique and roofing companies wont inspect your roof for free, if the price is right, it may be worth your time. This same free inspection angle will also work by getting inspections and free estimates on the foundation, the HVAC and any other area of the home. The key: make a few phone calls to businesses in your area to see what their inspection policies are, whether they are free or there is a small fee. This will save you the cost of a professional home inspection AND for the things that ARE found deficient with the home, the free estimates can be used as bargaining chips to reduce the selling price of the home, pretty cool, right?

To your success!

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