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Are Green Roofs The Next Hot Trend In Home Design

What exactly is a green roof? Have you ever gone up the elevator of a high-rise building expecting to see normal concrete roofing but instead found to your surprise a stunning display of magnificent flowers, plants and lush green grass? Well, this is green roofing for you.

Green roofs are the latest innovation in green building techniques that are designed to cool the environment and lower energy costs especially in urban areas. With global warming trends setting in and people getting more and more conscious of their environment, trends are changing in the building industry too. So, green roofs might as well be the next hottest trend in the building and construction industry.

Green roofs can be classified under two types - extensive and intensive green roofs. Extensive green roofs are lightweight roofing systems and are made with a few thin layers of soil. They are less expensive and require very little maintenance. Also called eco-roofs or low-profile roofs, extensive green roofs are the ideal choice if you plan for ecological cover and don't need much human access.

Intensive green roofs are your typical roof gardens that feature a wide range of greenery. These are high profile green roofs that have a wide range of possibilities and are much expensive than extensive green roofs.

Although the green roof industry is very new in the U.S, it has a long history going back to hundreds of years. Modern green roofs have been in use in Europe for a few decades now.

With cities adopting green roofs for skyscrapers and other high rise buildings and establishments, green roofs are gaining popularity. The need to improve environment and bring in natural beauty in its concrete jungles are felt in several cities across the country now. With the trend catching on in the U.S. roofscaping through green roofs would soon be the in-thing in the roof industry.

There are several advantages to having a green roof too. Besides its aesthetic appeal and peace giving natural surroundings, green roof reduces the roof's temperature significantly, especially during summer. A green roof also adds to your property's value. With much evaluation and research happening in the design of green roofs so as to suit the area's climate and water conditions; green roofs are sure to be the next hot trend in the construction industry and is poised to stay for a long time.

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